Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lulu, the Red Swing

Forward and backward,
Rhythm of the shiny red,
Newly colored swing,
Her name is Lulu,
Lulu the swing,
Smiling in the shadows,
Carried by the glistening sun,
Past the marks of guided feet,
All the way, up to the lazy,
Green grass bathing in the light,
Speaking with unseen stars,
Such was her day in living,
But one day Lulu, the swing,
Broke the rule of magic,
Swung past the clouds,
Into the mysterious skies,
Causing a roar of thunder,
Sending Lulu tumbling,
All the way, down to the ground,
Followed by the pouring rain,
Knowing Lulu the swing,
Hated the pouring rain,
As she was drenched,
Not only that but none of her friends,
Who she adored came out to play,
So, she swung past the darkened clouds,
Into the mysterious skies,
Halting right into the roaring thunder,
Breaking the magic rule again,
In a brave whisper, said “Shhhhh”
Simple as it was, it worked,
The roaring thunder passed,
But there is one thing,
Lulu the swing has to swing,
Swing as fast as she can back down,
Towards the wet, green grass,
Before the glistening sun,
Burnt Lulus’ new red color.


Moonlight shaded by night clouds,
Within the sky once blue calling out to summer,
In the palest shade of blue through the day,
Followed by precious navy in the night,
Found only in an unexpected reverie,
Therefore, summer has passed by,
Leaving you, the unforgettable spark in your eyes,
Words indescribable, unspoken and bewildering,
Lodged with untamed eagerness into reality,
Here I am cold, as rain crosses the sky
Teeth clattering to numbness past decoy,
For you, have vanished afar,
Two worlds puzzled and obstinate,
Steadfast you in your own and me in mine,
Traveling across the same paths of reality,
Side by side, no conclusions convened,
Baby, simple as it is, as you turn left,
You will find me turning right facing you,
A profound reflection in your eyes forever.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheeky Max

Troubled lost soul, finding himself,
Ready for a life of adventure,
He can neither die nor live,
As life without a cause is worse,
Worse than death itself,
Sight of a cat, wolf’s sense of smell,
Speed of a mouse and strength of a lion,
Cheeky Max is his name,
Ready to fill the world in a frame,
Charms and intelligence is his game,
On the top of the world one day,
The next, lonesome Cheeky Max is sad,
So goes the cycle he says but I am unstoppable,
Armored with love and knowledge,
Cheeky Max strives on smiling and crying,
Sometimes out of joy and sometimes out of pain,
Standing up tall and strong Cheeky Max says,
“Let happiness not be a malady in fact,
Let tenderness be my remedy.”

Written by: Amrita Lal. (19)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bird on a Spy

Bird on a Spy

Riding Banjo into the sunset of France,
I see a little bird sitting on a branch,
Perched with her eyes following the stead and the rider,
I can see her mind though her eyes open wider,
Caught up in the clarity of the little bird,
A pain rushes through the head of this absurd,
As I fall to the ground dazed and broken,
So close to the earth with no words spoken,
Impossible to keep my eyes open,
As the chirping is putting me to sleep,
The breeze picks up at a speed,
As the flowers fall around me like fine winter snow,
With such softness of a flow,
So cooling though my body feels like it is burning,
Sends my vision round and round, spinning,
As I hear voices arising coming closer and closer,
I am lying nice and safe in my bed very sober,
I see something I see from the corner of my eye,
I slowly turn around and see the little bird is out on a spy,
A little tender smile catches at my lips,
As my eyes gently close as the sun dips.

Written by: Amrita Lal.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

He Will Come Back for You

He Will Come Back for You

Shredded pieces of dying soul,

Patent rhythm of lost flowing tears,

Unbound by fate of living,

Dissolving fiery eyes shut tight,

Calmed by distant bird singing,

He will come; he will come back for you,

Guitar slung over left shoulder,

Suitcase in one hand,

Crimson roses in the other,

Eyes stinging with tears,

Crying and smiling with you,

As you, catch each other’s eyes,

Pulling away from the found embrace,

You will know you are complete,

Made distinctly for one another,

So do not cry pretty baby,

Because he will come back for you.

Written by: Amrita Lal.