Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lulu, the Red Swing

Forward and backward,
Rhythm of the shiny red,
Newly colored swing,
Her name is Lulu,
Lulu the swing,
Smiling in the shadows,
Carried by the glistening sun,
Past the marks of guided feet,
All the way, up to the lazy,
Green grass bathing in the light,
Speaking with unseen stars,
Such was her day in living,
But one day Lulu, the swing,
Broke the rule of magic,
Swung past the clouds,
Into the mysterious skies,
Causing a roar of thunder,
Sending Lulu tumbling,
All the way, down to the ground,
Followed by the pouring rain,
Knowing Lulu the swing,
Hated the pouring rain,
As she was drenched,
Not only that but none of her friends,
Who she adored came out to play,
So, she swung past the darkened clouds,
Into the mysterious skies,
Halting right into the roaring thunder,
Breaking the magic rule again,
In a brave whisper, said “Shhhhh”
Simple as it was, it worked,
The roaring thunder passed,
But there is one thing,
Lulu the swing has to swing,
Swing as fast as she can back down,
Towards the wet, green grass,
Before the glistening sun,
Burnt Lulus’ new red color.

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